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About Elevation 2477 Education Program

This cannabis education program is designed to educate all types of people in the benefit cannabis offers. You can be a regular recreational user, someone who is cannabis curious or a complete novice looking to learn about how cannabis is used for wellness.

These classes are designed to build on each other and while each can stand on its own, we recommend all learners begin with the first class, “The Basics.” This first class provides learners with the foundational information that all the other classes build upon.

This classroom is FREE. Please enjoy and prepare to explore the cannabis plant science and benefits to enhance your well-being and awareness.

Cannabis Redefined

Wellness is much more than physical health. It is the full integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and at Elevation 2477’ we believe in providing cannabis that can help redefine wellness for many of our members.

Our dispensary is as much about touching the lives of patients who seek palliative and alternative care through cannabis, as it is about establishing a sophisticated outlet for products of the highest quality and reputation for those who choose cannabis as a lifestyle and inspirational product.

At Elevation 2477’ we believe that creating a community hub of cannabis education will empower people to make choices about what brings them relief and wellness, about what brings them joy and peace. For us, it is an endeavor steeped in respect for the plant.

Through our state-of-the-art facility, community and educational programs, and products of exceptional quality we hope to give our members the ability to develop congruence between their values and health choices in order to realize a common purpose that contributes to their overall sense of well-being.