Sell Joy: How to Make Product Claims That Won’t Get You Flagged by the FDA

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When it comes to marketing and advertising cannabis, CBD and hemp products, the rules & regulations can be daunting. Making claims regarding the health benefits of these products is illegal based on laws applicable to all foods and beverages, NOT JUST CANNABIS. The risk for breaking these laws can be steep. 

In “Sell Joy: How To Make Product Claims That Won’t Get You Flagged By The FDA” Jennifer Whetzel, founder of Ladyjane Branding, lends her expertise to help you develop a clear communications strategy that steers clear of laws and regulations you may not even realize you are violating. 

Learn how to make soft health claims that might allow your business to fly under the FDA’s radar. And if you’re business is not interested in taking the risk of making health claims, you’ll also learn how to build a messaging platform that helps generate a solid emotional connection with your customers.

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